Guaranteed Acceptance Life insurance 18-80

We handle over 35 final simplified issued and guaranteed issue products to get your clients the most coverage for the least money including, HIV, cancer, heart disease, COPD and diabetes.

We can teach you how to sell over the phone

25 years of experience in the final expense/impaired risk marketplace.

We don’t contract you until you have a case.

Competitive commissions.

Full vesting and renewals.

We do business in all 50 states.

In house lead financing.

The owner, Steve Modell personally sells $20,000 per month of final simplified and guaranteed issue life insurance per month over the phone and can show you how to do that too.

Don’t Ever Walk Away From a Sale Again

No Health Questions

No “Wet” Signatures

Up to $100,000 of Coverge

Some Plans have no waiting Period, Immediate Coverage

The Modell Brokerage Group provides a resource relationship network