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About Us

Modell Brokerage Group, LLC is a wholesale marketer and distributor of Fixed Annuity, Life, and Long-term Care Insurance products that help address the financial needs of today’s consumer. We work with financial service professionals throughout the nation in delivering these products as part of a framework to support an individual’s financial legacy. Our portfolio consists of innovative, fundamentally strong insurance companies that continue to design product solutions that are in-line with the marketplace, yet flexible to deal with the dynamics of its change.

We provide a resourceful network of industry contacts that are experienced in capitalizing on relationship opportunities uncovered by the financial service professional. We approach each opportunity with a macro perspective to a win-win solution for agent and client. We understand the importance of communicating accurate information on a timely basis to ensure expectations are met and value is delivered.

Our goal is to utilize available technology to implement a business model that will streamline operations, increase efficiency, and provide the back drop for a creative process that will further develop marketing programs and platforms. Programs created with respect to industry standards on Wealth Management; Platforms customized to the unique approaches of the representative or agency. Our understanding of actionable sales process will initiate productive scenarios to further develop relationships, and obtain client share.

Our commitment is to effectively manage the fixed insurance business of our partners, continue to grow the business, as well as create a positive awareness for the sophisticated services offered by the financial professionals we represent.


The Modell Brokerage Group

There is nothing virtual about our assistance, real business solutions

for the Independent Financial Professional